A better way to run DOS Programs on Windows® 64 bit Operating Systems

Run dBASE™ III+, dBASE™ IV, dBASE CLASSIC™ or any of your favorite DOS programs on your Windows® computer without requiring special drivers or apps to print to your attached Windows® printers!

What are the new dbDOSv™ 2.0 features?

4K Aware

dbDOSv™ 2.0 is now 4K Aware:. The product has been tested on 4K, Ultra High-def and other displays to ensure a great product presentation.

Windows Shortcuts

Windows Shortcuts are back, when creating a new configuration or when you edit a configuration the create Shortcut is back and will put a shortcut on the Desktop for you.

New Print Output

Print to file, RTF, PDF, or to Email. You can even combine Printer modes, i.e. Printer, RTF, and e-Mail.

Integrated Configuration Diagnostics

Integrated Configuration Diagnostics allows the necessary configuration information to be sent directly to Support

NEW Command Center

The NEW Command Center allows for the user to build, edit, delete, and run configurations. Plus, the integrated video help ensures the user understand how dbDOSv™ 2.0 is great!

Windows 10

dbDOSv™ 2.0 engine has been upgraded to support the latest Windows® 10 version and has additional features to make the use of dbDOSv™ 2.0 in all kinds of DOS environments work and run as expected.

New Print Features

We have added new print geometry capabilities and new print character sets.

What do our customers say?

Our best sales people are our existing customers. They are huge supporters because with dbDOSv they’ve found a way to continuing to run their business the same was they have for decades. They don’t have to change policies, procedures, software, or vendors. Just serve their customers!


“Beautiful and a simple install and configuration setup”


“We have nothing but great things to say about this product application “dbDOSv™” and we appreciate the team at dBase for caring and helping us continue to conduct business in the way we do best!”


“A MUST Upgrade!”


“We made a few small configuration changes and everything runs the same as it did on Windows 98!!”