Software Enables MS-DOS Databases to Run on Windows

dBASE for DOS Programs and Apps Now Run on the Latest OS

BINGHAMTON, NY (May 23, 2012)—A simple-to-use software program that enables users to run Microsoft DOS versions of the popular software program dBASE® on Windows® 32/64 bit operating systems was announced today by dBase LLC™, a leading provider of business intelligence software products and data management tools.

dbDOS™ was launched to work with dBASE III, IV (1,2,3), and V for Microsoft DOS running today on Microsoft’s Windows® XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008 – 32 or 64 bit operating systems.  After migrating their existing DOS programs and data to new hardware running Windows, users simply run dbDOS’s install and configuration process to begin working with their favorite dBASE for DOS program in a Windows environment.

“dbDOS is simply the fastest and easiest way for people to continue to make productive and efficient use of dBASE for DOS applications they have depended upon,” said Michael J. Rozlog, president and chief executive officer of dBase LLC.  “In these economic times, companies and individuals don’t want to rewrite applications.  They also don’t want to spend time looking for old hardware to keep their DOS-based PCs running.  They want to use their tried and true apps—but on the latest hardware and Windows OS’s.   And they want to do it at great price with little overhead or hassle.  It’s for those people that we have created dbDOS.”

Utilizing dbDOS is a simple, three-step process.  First, users migrate their existing programs and data to their new hardware running Windows.  Next, they run dbDOS’s install and configuration process by selecting a small amount of options.  This will place new shortcuts into users’ start menus and on their desktops.

Last, users double-click on their desktop shortcuts and they’re ready to work with their dBASE for DOS software.

dbDOS is priced at $99 for the downloaded version and on CD for an additional $19.95, not including shipping and handling.  dbDOS currently supports Windows XP 32/64, Vista 32/64, Windows Server 2003 32/64, Windows 7 32/64, and Windows Server 2008 32/64.

For more information or to purchase dbDOS visit  or call (607) 729-0960.  Find dBase LLC on Facebook at  and on Twitter at


About dBase LLC

A company built on a 25-year foundation of technology and software development excellence, dBase LLC was launched with a vision to create a new generation of business intelligence products and data management tools that will transform the way people manage data.  The company dBase was created by a group of investors, experienced technology and business leaders, and former employees of dataBased Intelligence, Inc., a privately held company that had been the legal heir to dBASE, the world’s first widely used relational database management system and one of the best-selling software titles of its time.  The product dBASE was created in 1981 by the founders of Ashton-Tate, a company that grew from a small garage-based team to a multinational corporation recognized among the “Big Three,” including Microsoft and Lotus.  In 1991, Ashton-Tate was sold to Borland Software Corporation, which popularized dBASE as the world’s most accepted database standard.  Today, dBASE is used by millions of software developers and others in FORTUNE 1000 companies and government agencies worldwide.