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What are dbDOSv™ strengths?

  • The dbDOSv™ render engine will produce some of the best looking DOS applications ever!
  • dbDOSv™ works seamlessly on local machines, networked applications and supports network-linked drivers.
  • Increased support for Windows® interaction
  • A new Print feature that will produce nearly 100% of all reports and outputs to the printer.
  • De-clutter with the new dbDOSv™ Configuration Manager. It allows you to create configurations and run them from one single interface.
  • Includes the TSR (Terminate and Stay Ready) app called Snipper, which allows for the capture of content from the DOS applications.
  • A new built-in command-processor based on the 4DOS package.
  • Embedded 4DOS features and capabilities.

Customer Testimonials

[thrive_testimonial name=”Richard” company=”” image=”” color=”dark”]“Beautiful and a simple install and configuration setup” [/thrive_testimonial]


[thrive_testimonial name=”Len” company=”” image=”” color=”dark”]“We have nothing but great things to say about this product application “dbDOSv™” and we appreciate the team at dBase for caring and helping us continue to conduct business in the way we do best!”” [/thrive_testimonial]


[thrive_testimonial name=”Pete” company=”” image=”” color=”dark”]“A must upgrade” [/thrive_testimonial]